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Crooked Creek Highlands is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Crooked Creek Highlands is owned and operated by Evan and Megan White along with the help of their two children, Evy and Beckham. The farm is situated on approximately 100 acres that has been in Megan's family and used for cattle farming for over 170 years. With the backdrop of beautiful mountains, fresh air, and a crooked creek running through the property, what is not to love? 

After living in the Charlotte, NC area for 10 years, the Whites returned to their family farm with the passion and dream to embark on a new adventure. Crooked Creek Highlands is proud to breed Scottish Highlands and Nigerian Dwarf goats. Crooked Creek Highlands takes pride in raising quality cattle that receive top-notch care. Crooked Creek Highlands also has some adorable animals outside of the cows. We have a pony, donkeys and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Crooked Creek Highlands' goal is to provide quality cows, educate the public and find unforgettable ways to share them with you! 

Our Farm History


In 1851, our ancestor, John A. Somers settled in what is now known as Somers Township in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Our ancestors, over the years, have used the land for cattle farming among other careers. For 173 years, this land has been in the direct family line and a special part of our heritage. Crooked Creek Highlands endeavors to continue the long-standing family tradition while also adding the wonderful "grand old breed" to our farm. Our property has seen so many changes throughout the years but we hope to keep the spirit alive with our farm. 


Salem and Baylee

You may see these familiar faces around

Crooked Creek Highlands.

Salem and Baylee assist with our events, tours and

are learning about the Scottish Highland breed while interning at Crooked Creek Highlands. 

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